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PHP GEO IP Country Redirect Script | Geo IP banner ads | Power Redirector 2 - PHP / HTML script Power Redirector 2

Redirect traffic or show banner ads based on country, state / region, city, preferred browser language, ip, ip-range, keyword, phrases, user-agents, mobile devices, proxies and more. Multiple Geo IP database support: MaxMind GeoIP, IP2Location and IpToCountry.

Bandwidth Manager - bandwidth managing script for websites Bandwidth Manager

Manage your server bandwidth, your user downloads and reduce bandwidth costs.
Bandwidth manager is a server-side script that manages your website's bandwidth. It runs purely on PHP and MySQL, so no
additional apache modules are needed.

Server-side scripts

12Scripts offers server-side scripts that are mainly aimed at content providers and traffic brokers. Our policy is to provide straight-forward scripts which are easy to install and use. Our custom installer ensures that any script is up and running in seconds, and all of our scripts are accompanied by full documentation.

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